2015 Buchanan County Fair Amateur Photo Contest

Let’s have an outstanding contest. Bring only the best for the contest entries, and you might take home a blue ribbons. On Tuesday, July 7, Foto Friends will check in photos from 2-6 PM at the Garden Gate Building at the Buchanan County Fairgrounds. Please have your selections made, and record the number of photos on the check-in sheet. If you happen to have name and address labels, put one on the back of each photo, each entry card, and one on the check sheet.

Judging will soon follow, and our judges are gracious about letting interested folks watch and listen to comments, a good way to learn. Ribbons and prizes will be awarded to all winners.

Photos can be any size, up to and including 5 x 7, in color or black and white, and can be from anywhere in the world, but taken since last years fair. No fames or mattes of any kind. Plastic sleeves are provided. Only one photo per category by each exhibitor will be allowed. Please return to pick up your pictures and ribbons from 5-8 PM on Saturday July 11.

There are three classes:

Taken by Children, ages 3-12 years old

Taken by Teens, ages 13-19 years old

Categories, any age: Actions, Animals, Artistically Enhance, Building & Architecture, Children & Youth, Farm Scenes, Flowers & Plants, Open, People, Scenic.

Children and Teens may enter only one photo in their age group, but may also enter any of the categories, being mindful there they will be competing against more experienced photographers. Please no professionals, this is an amateur contest. This is separate from any 4-H contests, so 4-H youth are welcome to participate.