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Press Release: 11/7/2016

We haven’t heard from the Buchanan County Fair board in a while. What’s new!?!?

First, we want to thank everyone for a successful fair this year!  We had several compliments and are excited for what is to come in 2017 and future years!  All of this would not be possible if we did not have the support of the residents and business owners of Buchanan County, not too mention all of our volunteers!  Our 4-H and FFA families, and also our exhibitors make this fair what it is.  There is a lot of unseen hard work and dedication that goes into fair.  We have complied some fun facts to update you on what’s up with the Fair!

Fact #1, for Buchanan County Fair, did you know that there is only four people on the fair grounds that are on payroll to help with the fair?  The rest of them are all volunteers! That includes the fair board!! Those four individuals are from the Extension. Our fair would not be a success without them. Our success can be attributed to our great working relationship and teamwork!

Fact #2, the fair board starts planning for next year’s fair even before the current fair has even begin!  There are countless meetings, phone calls, emails, and even impromptu conversations at back yard barbeques with potential exhibitors and entertainment prior to the current year’s fair! The planning never stops for future fairs!

Fact #3, the average fair board member puts in at least 300 hours of their time to make this fair a success. Duties may include; fundraising, community outreach, and maintenance on buildings and the grounds.  It’s just like taking care of our homes!

Fact #4, the fair board is working on fair for 2017, it will be held on July 5th through the 9th.  This year, Sunday will be included as a Fair day! Will there be some slight changes? Yes! Are doing this to make it better? We are going to give it our best shot!

Fact #5, the fair board is also looking at extending our beef barn. Our numbers are growing and the area needs to be looked at to be more user friendly to our exhibitors.  It is a great problem to have (growing pains)!  We are also looking at doing some work in the Black Pavilion (show ring). We have been looking at other facilities on what they utilize.  Pour some concrete where the show ring announcers sit, raise them up a bit give them a solid surface to get their work done.  Also, looking at the fencing in the show ring. But this all takes money!  So where do we get it, we have our fundraisers. We also apply for sponsorships and grants to offset the costs.

Fact #6, I heard a rumor that you are building a new 4-H building.  To answer that question is yes, it is a goal of ours have a new 4-H building. Our current building that holds our static exhibits (4-H projects) has served its purpose, and it is not in very good shape. We have had a contractor look it over to do some repairs, and until we know what our options are, the question is, “How much money do we want to put into it?”  It originally started out as a pole building for storage and possible other exhibits, until they had the need for an area for Christmas parties, and receptions, because at that time our area didn’t have a lot, we had lost the Gala Ballroom, the Allerton Axtell had open but was going through some rough times.

Times have changed, we all have experienced that, so we as the fair board are looking at all options.  We are currently working on getting a feasibility study completed. The reason for this study is twofold. One, it will answer a number of questions for us, but the main one is; is our current plan “right” for our fairgrounds and community? We want to ensure the longevity of this building and encourage business growth within our county. We would like to see everyone succeed, and are not here to compete, but rather work as a team to grow Buchanan County!  The second purpose of this study, is so we can apply for grants to help fundraise for the building! This feasibility study is not a cheap! We are hiring a professional company to complete the study, and are anticipating it will cost us in the neighborhood of  $22,000.00!  We hope this shows our commitment to community growth.

Fact #7, are we going to have another concert this year.  We sure are and it will be released on November 18!  We are really excited on who is coming to the Buchanan County Fair so stay tuned!!

The Buchanan County Fair Association will also be trying a new thing and that is having a monthly press release in all of our local newspapers and also one can sign up for our newsletter on our website www.buchanancountyfair.org.

The Buchanan County Fair Association appreciates your continued support of all age groups!  We will continue to put our best foot forward for the future.

Respectfully Submitted by

The Buchanan County Fair Association